Sailing One World

Sailing One World

company statement


Captain and business logistic extraordinaire

Born July 10th 1984

Captain, Super sailor, People organizer, Task manager, Epic Chef, Finder of the strangest boat parts in the world, Business master, Aspiring accountant, Circus artist, Unconditional lover, Problem solver.

Meet The Crew

 The Boat


First mate and co-captain

Born December 16th 1988

Fill in Captain, Navigator,  Fixer of everything, Systems manual interpreter, Photographer, Web designer, Hair stylist, Pizza master, Ever improving cook, Life coach, Circus artist, Massage therapist, Problem solver.

​Ariel (left) and Rachele (right), two sisters from Colorado,  had a dream to sail the world, fresh out of University "The idea came to us and once it was in our head we couldn't let it go, with a little luck and lots of perseverance One World came into our sights and we knew she was ours."

Three short months after they found her, the two sold everything and bought one way tickets to Panama. "Our World suddenly became One World". Fast forward four short years, thousands of sea miles a million adventures, more life lessons than some people get in a lifetime, encountering all walks of life and meeting some truly amazing people along they way and you find a couple of "young salts" sailing the seas and living the dream.


"My sister is my rock, my voice of reason, my inspiration and my best friend. Without her I don't know where or who I would be. She has saved my life and I hers. After a million adventures, I eagerly look forward to the next million. The boat and the whole experience hasn't always been easy but without her it would never have been possible, she is the lifeblood that runs through One World." -Ariel First Mate​​

 our story

One World is a 64 foot brigantine schooner.  She is a one of a kind traditional sailing vessel designed by Tom Colvin. Born 1984 in Ontario, Canada, she sailed the high seas for 20 years spanning from Hawaii to Africa. In 2009 she was completely refit on the east coast of the United States.

One World Specs:

  • Steel Hull
  • 25 tons
  • 64' overall 13' beam
  • Gaff Rig
  • 90hp Ford Bowman diesel engine
  • 220 gal water capacity 300 gal diesel tank
  • All emergency equipment, EPERB, liferaft, life jackets, SSB, VHF, fire extinguishers.

She is a well laid out vessel, with comfortable cabins, and tons of natural light and airflow. One World can Sleep up to 11 passengers; There are four double berths on board; two in their own private cabins and two in a shared cabin. In addition there are three single berths; a bunk bed and a small pilot berth. ​​

One World Crew

One World always has a third capable sea loving crew to help out. If you are interested in volunteering with one world, email us to find out what the requirements are and the next available opening.

Sailing One World Ltd. is a company that always provides the most outstanding service. We make a promise to uphold our commitments, treat everyone with kindness and respect and always have the most fun possible.

We maintain a strict adherence to safety procedures and regulations.

One World and her sailors have great respect for the earth and the ocean and strive to employ 'green' practice wherever possible.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we come in contact with, through education about sailing, the cultures we visit, and the ocean at large. 

Above all we work very hard to make your time on One World unforgettable.