The Traditional 

The cocktail cruise

3 Night Minimum

This Charter is The Traditional  but add an adventure into the untouched jungle of the Kuna territory.

Take a launcha (small boat) up the Rio Cidra, Visit a Kuna cemetery and experience more of the Kuna culture. A 45 minutes hike through the jungle takes you to the beautiful crystal clear river where you can cliff jump and swim in the cool refreshing waters. Make your way back to the launcha by hiking, swimming, sliding and cliff jumping down the river bed. It is a side of San Blas few get to see don't miss it!

2 Night Minimum

This charter is customizable to fit your needs. Do you have something special in mind? An event? or want to combine The Cocktail Cruise and The River Tour? We are flexible and willing to work with you to make your vacation unforgettable.

Pop over to our connect page and send us an email with your ideas and we can go from there!

                                              The Transportation to and from the

islands is not included in the price of the charter but we are happy to book it for you!

To get to the islands you must leave from Panama City.  There is only one road into the islands. The drive is about a 3 hour windy drive up and through the Panamanian Jungle.  Once you get to the River Port, where the jeeps drop you off, you take a launcha boat out to where One World is waiting for you, this price can vary but is usually between $15 and $25 per person.  A word of caution, depending on the weather the launcha rides can sometimes be a very wet ride. They wrap the  bags in tarps, but make sure you have your electronics in a dry place and not in your pocket, as they could get wet.

The  Build your Own 

The River tour 

Charter options

2 Night Minimum

The cocktail Cruise - The Traditional plus alcohol. Let us whip up your favorite cocktail!

Transportation to and From the islands 

2 Night Minimum

Sail through the beautiful San Blas Islands, see the uninhabited, rarely visited and only accessible by boat side of the archipelago. Snorkel the coral reef, sink your toes into white sandy beaches, swing in the palm trees, gather shells and more!

Learn about the indigenous Kuna Indian Culture and experience a part of this world you will never forget.

Try your hand at raising the sails, taking the helm, spear fishing, line fishing, paddle boarding, knot tying and anything else you may fancy to try.


Three large healthy meals a day

Fish or Lobster (if in season) dinner

Drinks -  coffee, tea, juice, and water plus BYO is welcome.

Guided snorkeling and poll spear fishing

Beach bonfire

Introduction and exploration of the Kuna culture

Most importantly the perfect combination of fun and relaxation!

Sailing One World

Sailing One World